Workers' Compensation

At Advanced Urgent Care of Beverly Hills, we believe in getting employees back to work safely and quickly. Studies confirm that work can have a therapeutic, healing effect, and employees who return to work faster tend to perform better. We work closely with employers and employees to foster an open, communicative relationship, providing frequent updates, developing a treatment program that makes sense for each individual, and helping to minimize costs. Features of our workers' compensation services include:

Keeping patients and employers up to date.
We tailor each patient profile according to the needs of the company and the individual, sending you first reports, test results, patient instructions, and updated work statuses within 24 hours. Our physicians also provide current diagnoses, prognoses, and duty restrictions to all appropriate parties.

Returning employees to the job safely and quickly.
We understand that lost time hinders productivity. Utilizing modified duty and rapid return-to-work programs, we focus on getting patients back to work as soon as safely possible. Most find that performing some form of transitional duty speeds up recovery and boosts morale. Our physicians carefully craft treatment plans to minimize lost time claims for employers while listening closely to our patients needs.

Contracting with all major workers' compensation carriers.
Once an employer gives consent to be billed for work-related medical attention, we can proceed in tandem with any major insurance company. In cases when only minor first-aid care is administered and minimal expenses are incurred, we can bill an employer directly.

Providing a wide array of work-related health services.
Advanced Urgent Care of Beverly Hills is able to provide most or all of your employment-related health care needs, including:

  1. Drug screening.
  2. Pre-employment evaluation.
  3. Annual physical.
  4. Return to work evaluation.
  5. Ongoing occupational and rehabilitation follow-up.
  6. Urgent care for work-related injuries.
  7. On-site lab, x-ray, EKG, and medication dispensary.
  8. Referrals for physical therapy, imaging, and specialist.
  9. Same day service--no appointment is necessary!

At AUCBH, we handle most of the paperwork and make patients feel welcome and cared-for, making what can be a difficult and painful transition as easy and painless as possible. We follow guidelines outlined by the ACOEM (American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine).